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Are you feeling down, anxious, guilty or sad? Help is at hand in cognitive therapy. We have expertise in this area and many believe that you can change how you feel by changing negative thought patterns - that's what is often called cognitive therapy is all about. The aim of therapists is to help you realise that your attitudes and thoughts can change to make your feelings more positive.

There are many theories as to why we feel the way we do. External forces outside of our control, body chemistry, genetic make-up and our hormones, as well as our past.


All of these things can contribute to how we feel and therapists will work with you to discover the cause of negative feelings and get you out of a downward spiral. Sometimes you can feel that there is no point - but that can change.



Many things affect how we feel

What they will aim to do is use common sense and a simple way of thinking - cognition - to turn things around for you.


If you want to feel better, the aim is to help you believe that your thoughts and attitudes create your feelings. When you take a step back and think rationally about things, you can be helped to be more positive and confident.



What can our therapists do?

Feeling negative about yourself can be because of a number of reasons. This is what therapists will endeavour to help find out. If you are feeling low or sad it can result from loss, anxiety and panic from thoughts of danger, and guilt from the thought of being a bad person.

Why am I feeling negative about myself?

Cognitive therapy is designed to make you feel better

Cognitive Therapy