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Psychiatry can help you in a number of ways. We are here to do our best in helping you get better. You can be referred to us at The Maidenhead Clinic for a number of different reasons but we are always on hand to assist you in the most effective way.

Our psychiatrists have a broad base in training of all aspects of mental health as well as medical training.


This means that we are ideally placed to carry out an initial assessment of what may be needed to best help you out. We have links to local in-patient psychiatric services if required.

Highly trained psychiatrists

Treatment will be advised on the evidence that we see in our clinical opinion and scientific evidence drawn from research.


After initially consulting with your GP, we can advise about medication and if it is needed, and will continually assess to see how you are doing and if other forms of therapy are needed.

What will we do to help?

Most referrals to us will be assessed by our consultant psychiatrist who will diagnose any issues and treatment if required. This is something that is often required by insurance companies when it comes to certain cases where therapy may be needed.

Consultant psychiatry from the experts

Fully qualified and experienced psychiatrists

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A consultant psychiatrist has a breadth of training in all aspects of medical and mental health, and is therefore ideally suited to carry out an assessment. The psychiatrist can then signpost the care path for the client. The psychiatrist would discuss this pathway and any supportive medication with the client’s general practitioner.

Consultant Psychiatry